It is a genuine honor to have worked for the families and constituents as an elected representative of Kelowna, and I humbly ask for the opportunity to serve you again – this time, to be a strong engaged voice in Ottawa.

I view the world through both an entrepreneurial and a public servant lens. I’ve had the privilege to learn, and work with a number of experienced leaders in different jurisdictions at all levels of government and value their mentorship.

My goal is to ensure that the place where I have deep roots, been a mother, built businesses in multiple sectors, served my community, volunteered extensively, the place that I call home, has an engaged voice to bring our residents’ worries and opportunities to Ottawa!

I started considering this direction due to a passion of continually wanting to make a positive difference and embarked on a year long personal journey of due diligence including attending a Manning Institute Conference in Ottawa, studying the guiding principles and policies of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), participating in a provincial policy session, attending the local Electoral District Annual General Meeting, driving to listen to Andrew Scheer speak in different cities, talking to MP’s from across the country, attending the CPC Convention in Ottawa, meeting privately with Andrew Scheer, having support from my family, and very importantly, connecting with many local constituents from all walks of life in every part of our riding.

Many people wanted me to run for Kelowna City Council again, but that wouldn’t have been the right thing to do as it could have triggered a municipal by-election in 2019.

I believe in upholding personal freedoms, fiscal responsibility and equality of opportunities.

Please join the party to support my nomination. There will be a date soon, where members of the Conservative Party of Canada in the Kelowna-Lake Country Electoral District will come out to vote for the nominee they want to represent them as their candidate in the 2019 federal election.

250-469-9622. | ready@votetracygray.com